Based on the best practices of: 

Right connections

The Power is in the Conversation 

Who is right connections?

Jim Carr is Right Connections. As an Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Leadership Development Professional, I love helping customers who are challenged with making sure they have the right person in the right seat. I love the uniqueness of individuals, how that plays out and using that expertise to help customers select, lead and develop their people. My customers want a level of clarity about candidates that allows them to make better decisions about fit and function. They want deeper knowledge of themselves and their people to make better decisions and accelerate performance improvement as well as engagement through serving. This process, combined with a coaching approach helps leaders improve performance, business management and team effectiveness 50% - 70%.

Vision: To partner with values based leaders who want to further and deepen the implementation of their people and talent strategy. 

  • Self-Awareness. Be aware of how you work and lead
    • ​High level self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • ​Get to know your team. Strengths, weaknesses, differences, needs, capability
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Be proactive with feedback - up and down
  • Acknowledge and reward
  • ​Celebrate success


  • Collaboration - Working jointly to produce or create something of value
  • Challenge - Creating excitement through new mindsets and perceptions
  • Authentic - Genuine & real in relationships
  • Trust - Building a firm belief in others and them in me
  • Transparent - Comfortable with the part I play - easy to work with, easy to read.