Helping Leaders Build Great Teams 

Guiding Principles

  • Believing in people
  • People change for their reasons - not yours
  • Leaders take responsibility
  • Transformation happens experientially
  • Authentic relationships
  • Each person is unique
  • Redefining success and failure


Right connections

Other Credentials

Lead ISO Auditor

Malcom Baldridge Examiner

BA in Organizational Leadership, Bethel University

Who is right connections?

Knowledge Base


Certified Leadership Coach

Certified Leadership Coach Trainer

CPBA - Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst

CPMA Certified Professional Motivators Analyst

Certified Tri-Metrix Job Profiling Specialist

  • Self-Awareness. Be aware of how you work and lead
    • ​High level self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • ​Get to know your team. Strengths, weaknesses, differences, needs, capability
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Be proactive with feedback - up and down
  • Acknowledge and reward
  • ​Celebrate success

Based on the best practices of: 

Jim Carr is an Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Leadership and Team Development Professional. His unique process takes assessment and self awareness to a level not found in the coaching and consulting world. The predictive power of this process allows managers and leaders to accelerate and improve the effectiveness of decisions and actions with their most valuable assets - people. The Right Connections Unique Process, combined with a coaching approach helps leaders improve performance, business management and team effectiveness 50% - 70%.

We work with organizations and leaders that want to improve their "ad-hoc" selection process and build great teams through better leaders.