Coaching Packages

The “Who Are You?” Coaching Package

Assessment – Complete TriMetrix HD assessment
Up to 4 intensive coaching sessions covering all elements of who you are right now

The “What’s Important To You?” Coaching Package

Up to 4 intensive coaching sessions
Life Categories and exercises uncovering your Core Personal Values 

The “Emotional Intelligence” Coaching Package

Assessment – Comprehensive Emotional Quotient and Competencies assessment
Up to 4 intensive coaching sessions covering goals and actions to boost EQ and relationships

The “Alignment / Career Advancement” Coaching Package

Assessment – Core Soft Skill Competencies assessment
Up to 6 intensive coaching sessions uncovering your KRAs (Key Result Accountabilities), Measures and Performance. What you have to do to get that promotion or ensure you’re excellent!!

The “All Inclusive” Coaching Package

Assessment  - Includes all of the assessments mentioned above
Up to 18 intensive coaching sessions covering all material mentioned above
$2950 ($3300 value)

Team Development

  • ​From job benchmarking to team workshops we help clearly identify and define roles and responsibilities
  • We help teams focus on how their uniqueness will impact how they execute their roles and responsibilities
  • We help you know how to best lead and manage each team member based on their uniqueness

Helping Leaders Build Great Teams 

Coach Training

  • A true coaching approach allows you to focus on the right things - not simply doing things right.
  • Coaching provides the focus and sustainability for any training or development initiative to stick.
  • New thinking won't happen with a one-and-done approach
  • It is a part of every engagement with Right Connections
  • Learn how to be a better coaching leader
    • Why?
      • Dramatic (100% - 500%) improvement and acceleration of success
    • How?
      • Coach Training
        • Bring a coaching initiative to your organization
        • Experience 70% increased performance
        • Improve business management 61% (decision making, goal achievement)
        • Increased team effectiveness 51%

(ICF/HCI findings)

Selection Process Improvement

  • Your gut instincts have allowed you to come this far. You're extremely good at hiring the right people for the right seats on the bus. But are all your hiring managers as good as you at knowing if the person will fit? 
  • What if you could systematize your "gut" and make it repeatable with everyone who is responsible for selecting just the right person for a seat on the bus?
  • We make sure your team is extremely clear on what the job REALLY is.
    • What are the 5 key roles this job needs to execute?
    • What are the 5 Key result accountabilities that this job needs to deliver?
    • What are all the nuances, skills, attitudes, motivations required?
  • We partner with you to put best practices in place for you to be confident that you know clearly how the person will fit and how to manage them for long term success.